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Fighting the Demons

My re-posts about modern pschology and psychiatry continues with The Noonday Demon: an Atlas of Depression by Andrew Solomon. I chose this book because a couple of other books I read mentioned it, with praise. National Book Award winner; Pulitzer Prize Finalist Demon differs from those other books for several reasons. The author, Solomon, is [...]

The Age Of Anxiety

For February, Canada’s Psychology Month, I continue re-visiting my blog post reviews of popular psychology books.  Here’s the second re-post: When Panic Attacks: the new, drug-free anxiety therapy that can change your life by David D. Burns, M.D. I picked up this book because some 25 years ago I read Dr. Burns’ earlier bestseller, Feeling [...]

February Blue Monday

Every month deserves a Blue Monday. For February, Psychology Month, here is my blog post written two years ago and revisited. While researching a holiday to Provence, France, I stumbled upon The Van Gogh Blues: the Creative Person’s Path Through Depression by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.  My husband Will and I planned to spend a week [...]

(R)Evolutionary Theories

For Valentine’s Day, let’s look at Evolution in relation to Psychology Month. Psychiatric symptoms are manifestations of ancient adaptive strategies that are no longer appropriate, but can be understood and treated in an evolutionary and development context. That’s the premise of the book Evolutionary Psychiatry by Anthony Stevens and John Price, published in 1996 & [...]


“Psychiatry enables us to correct our faults by confessing our parents’ shortcomings.” (Laurence Peter) Jeffrey A. Liberman includes this tongue-in-cheek quote in his book Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry. Published in 2015, Shrinks comes with Liberman’s strong credentials: Chairman of Psychiatry at Columbia University; Director of the New York Psychiatric Institute. Shrinks begins with [...]


Catherine Ford’s Opinion column in today’s Calgary Herald newspaper reminded me of a radical book on mental health treatment that I read two years ago. Here’s the review of the book, which I posted at that time. At 450 pages, Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex by Peter R. Breggin, MD [...]

A Little Research on Mental Illness

These findings are from a blog post I wrote two years ago, but the situation probably hasn’t changed much since then.  On the internet, I found pages of information about mental illness, including this commonly quoted statistic: One in five Canadians has a lifetime chance of mental illness, according to The Mood Disorders Society of [...]

Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry and LSD

Since the Government of Canada has established February as Psychology Month, I’ve decided to re-run my blog post reviews of psychology books, from two years ago. I’m finding it interesting to revisit the messages in these books. Here’s the first review: Inside the Mental: Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry, and LSD by Kay Parley. At 179 pages [...]

February is Psychology Month

Two-three years ago I read eight books on modern psychology as research for my novel, To Catch a Fox. I posted reviews of the books on my blog and now hate to see all that effort lost in cyberspace. Since the Government of Canada has established February as Psychology Month, I’ve decided to re-run my [...]

Multiple vs Single POV novels

For those who missed it, here’s my January 12th post on my publisher BWL’s website Author Blog. I wrote my first two novels entirely from the perspective of my sleuth, Paula Savard. My third novel, To Catch a Fox, which BWL will publish next month, shifts between five point-of-view characters. While working on this new [...]

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