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February is Psychology Month

Two-three years ago I read eight books on modern psychology as research for my novel, To Catch a Fox. I posted reviews of the books on my blog and now hate to see all that effort lost in cyberspace. Since the Government of Canada has established February as Psychology Month, I’ve decided to re-run my [...]

Multiple vs Single POV novels

For those who missed it, here’s my January 12th post on my publisher BWL’s website Author Blog. I wrote my first two novels entirely from the perspective of my sleuth, Paula Savard. My third novel, To Catch a Fox, which BWL will publish next month, shifts between five point-of-view characters. While working on this new [...]

Peter Rabbit & friends wish you a happy holiday season

Happy Holidays! How better to enter into the spirit of the season than to reminisce about my trip last spring to the land of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit. For those who missed it earlier this month, here is the post I wrote for the Dec 12th Books We Love Author Blog. Beatrix Potter, author [...]

Canadian Battlefields of Northern France

On Remembrance Day this year, I reflected on my trip to the Canadian battlefields of northern France in my post on my publisher’s website. Here is the post, for those who missed it. Yesterday, November 11, marked the 100th anniversary of the formal end of World War 1. The occasion led me to remember my [...]

William Wordsworth’s Beloved Homes

England’s Lake District was a highlight of my trip to Britain last spring. Earlier this month, on my publisher’s author blogspot, I recalled my visits to the homes of poet William Wordsworth. This is what I wrote: I’ve wanted to visit England’s Lake District since my university days, when I took a course in Romantic [...]

Where Teenage Paul McCartney Lived

For those who missed my post about Paul McCartney’s home on my publisher’s website, here it is: A highlight of my spring trip to Liverpool, England, was a tour of Paul McCartney’s home, where he spent his teenage years. The address is on the public record and there are always people outside taking pictures, but [...]

John Lennon’s Home

For those who missed it, here’s my August post from my publisher Books We Love’s website. I became a teenager in February 1964, when The Beatles exploded on the North American scene. One week I was playing with dolls; the next week I was glued to top 40 radio and in love with Paul. So [...]

Shakespeare’s Globe

Before this May I had been to London, UK, twice. Like most tourists I spent most of my time on the north side of the Thames River. But five years ago my husband Will and I enjoyed a short walk and café meal along the river’s South Bank. So on this third trip we wanted [...]

Jane Austen’s House

For those who missed it, here’s my post that appeared on my publisher’s website on June 12th. One thing I love about travel to the United Kingdom is that I can’t go anywhere without stumbling over a place associated with an author I’ve read or heard about. This May my husband Will and I started [...]

When Words Collide is Coming Up!

My author blog post on my publisher’s website today talks about my favourite readers and writers festival. Why is When Words Collide my favourite? Here are my top ten reasons. 1. WWC is local, here in Calgary. I don’t have to spend money on airfare, hotels and restaurant meals to attend, although I might grab [...]

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