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Easter on the Road During COVID-19

Easter morning, my husband Will and I picked up our breakfast at the motel reception desk. The generous bags included oranges, bagels and muffins, and granola bars that we set aside for later. A package of Easter eggs added a tasty dessert. We hit the road for day #2 of our drive from Ottawa to [...]

The Challenge of Driving Across Canada During a Pandemic

On Easter weekend, my husband Will and I set out from Ottawa to drive home to Calgary. We’d spent the winter in Ottawa helping our son Dan through chemotherapy and delayed our trip as long as we comfortably could. Our stay was prolonged by our other son Matt’s return to Ottawa from Mexico. Matt needed [...]

How a Pandemic Inspired my Writing

In 2009 my husband Will and I spent a month in Italy. I hadn’t been to Europe in fourteen years and was eager to return to its history and culture, but a little anxious about the adventure. Shortly before we were due to leave, the swine flu hit Mexico and the United States. Unlike most [...]

I Embrace Winter – Sort Of

Earlier this month, I enjoyed Winterlude in Ottawa. Here’s the blog post I wrote for my publisher’s website. I Embrace Winter – Sort Of This winter, I’ve had the opportunity to attend Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada, the seventh coldest capital city in the world, according to WorldAtlas. Rather than huddle indoors, Ottawa region residents embrace [...]

Five Changes in My Writing Life Since 2010

Here’s my blog post, which appeared on my publisher BWL’s website on Jan 12th. I enjoy year end lists. Even better are lists at the end of a decade. Here’s my list of five changes to my writing life that happened in the ten years from January 2010 to January 2020. 1. I became a [...]

Happy Holidays with Jane Austen

For those who missed it on my publisher BWL’s website, here’s my December blog post, A Jane Austen Christmas. On a recent trip to Ottawa, Ontario, I went to a play. Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, a new work produced by Ottawa Little Theatre. Fans of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, will instantly [...]

Updating my novel for its new release was more work than I’d thought – but worth it

For those who missed my November 12th BWL BlogSpot, here’s a repeat. The Challenges of Updating My Novel for a Second Edition Click this link for author, book and purchase information This month BWL published a new edition of my first novel, Deadly Fall. BWL chose to title the book, A Deadly Fall, in part [...]

Should you set your novel in Canada?

For those who missed my Oct 12 post on the BWL website, here it is: Setting a novel in Canada – or not? Does setting a novel in Canada limit your readership to Canadians? Over the years, I’ve heard this question at Canadian writing conferences and gatherings of aspiring writers I’ve attended. Invariably, someone comments [...]

What is Near History?

In my BWL author blog this month, I asked What is Near History? When my son was at university, he took a course in Canadian History. His final essay explored the 1968 federal election, which catapulted Pierre Trudeau to prime minister. I thought, this is history? It’s my life. I was a teenager at the [...]

How to Get Rich From Writing

Here’s my blog post from earlier this month, published this month on the BWL website. How to Get Rich from Writing 1. Write a book series in a popular genre, with appealing characters and plot. 2. Set the books in a place people love to visit. 3. Sell the series to a TV producer with [...]

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