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Meet Janet Lane-Walters

My fellow BWL author, Janet Lane-Walters, invited me to visit her blog today. See Janet’s blog for my answers to the following questions, which I have asked Janet. Question 1.  Welcome Janet. Tell us readers, what were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing? I think I always was [...]

A Lofty Experiment

On a warm Friday evening this January, I attended a fun event at Loft 112. Twelve visual artists and nine writers (plus three in absentia) sipped drinks, munched snacks and introduced ourselves and our work. I described my short story “When a Warm Wind Blows Off the Mountains.” Written over ten years ago, the story finally [...]

The Mental

Inside the Mental: Silence, Stigma, Psychiatry, and LSD by Kay Parley continues my blog series on mental health. At 179 pages and not much larger than my hand, Inside the Mental offers something different — an inside look at mental health treatment in Canada during the 1950s and 60s. In 1948, Kay Parley suffered a breakdown as a [...]

Going Global

It shows how global our marketplace has become when the first person to buy the print version of my new novel, Ten Days in Summer, lives overseas in Great Britain. Two summers ago, Barb visited us with my sister-in-law. They toured the Rockies and fulfilled Barb’s long-time wish of attending the Calgary Stampede. When they left, I gave Barb a [...]


When Panic Attacks: the new, drug-free anxiety therapy that can change your life by David D. Burns, M.D., continues my blog series about books on modern psychiatry. I picked up this book because some 25 years ago I read Dr. Burns’ earlier bestseller, Feeling Good: the new mood therapy, for a psychology course and found [...]


Evening Grandstand Show In the midst of ducking rainstorms while showing my Stampede guests around Calgary and area, I’m catching up on my Stampede reading at Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers.


This week’s Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers makes me hungry.

Cowboy Hats

Once in awhile I’m intrigued by a book simply because of its perfect title. One of those books is Once They Were Hats, about the history of the Canadian beaver. This week’s Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers features this book by Frances Backhouse, with an emphasis on the Calgary cowboy hat.  

June Flood

For the first 18 years that I lived in Calgary, every June was rainy. I considered this the one consistent aspect of Calgary weather. So I was surprised when last year’s June turned out to be mostly sunny, warm and dry. Friends who visited from Australia, Britain and Ontario lucked out with their trips through [...]

Home from the holiday

I’m back from my recent holiday in France and have finally found the time to catch up on Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers. While I was away, Calgary readers of this fine blog have travelled to: the old Woodwards Department store, Chinook Mall, with Miji Campbell Rouleauville aka Mission with Rona Altrows Inglewood with [...]

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