Song, Dance & The End of the World

Leading the audience in song

I had fun this week at the launch of Sarah L. Johnson’s first novel, the apocalyptic Infractus, released by Calgary’s Coffin Hop Press. My name was drawn for one of the door prizes. Winners had to come up to the front of the auditorium and lead the audience in a sing-a-long, with lyrics posted on a giant screen. We drew our prizes from a grab bag of items related to the novel. I won a Holy Bible, autographed by the author. My seatmate got a toy dragon.

An Evening with William Deverell

a fun event

On Wednesday April 18th I’ll be participating in this exciting event.

The evening will feature a one-on-one conversation between award winning Canadian author William Deverell and Crime Writers of Canada Prairie Director, David Poulsen (Cullen and Cobb Mysteries). William Deverell, a successful trial lawyer and creator of the acclaimed CBC series Street Legal, will also read from his latest Arthur Beauchamp novel, Whipped, and answer audience questions. Throughout the evening western Canadian crime writers Jayne Barnard, Susan Calder, Dwayne Clayden and R.M. Greenaway will announce this year’s Arthur Ellis Awards finalists.  The event will be capped off with a 35th anniversary celebration of the Crime Writers of Canada – with cake!

Free. Everyone welcome

What is a Novel Chapter?

What prompts you to turn the page and keep reading?

Today on my publisher’s website I blog about what constitutes a novel chapter.

Winter Getaway

Canadian winter isn't cold if you bundle up.

Today on the BWL Author BlogSpot I write about my winter getaway to Ottawa and the world’s coldest capital cities. Can you guess which city is #1?

Novel Titles

My post today on my publisher’s website is about how I came up with the titles for my mystery novels.

New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year

What is January without a discussion of New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s mine for 2018.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

The holiday season was a cold one in Calgary, good for staying inside. I’ll be getting out soon to some writing events, starting with the January 11th launch of Loft 112′s Print(ed) Word Project. My short story “When a Warm Wind Blows off the Mountains” is privileged to be included in this creative and original collection.

Then, on Saturday, Jan 13th, 7:00 pm, I’ll participate in the first Loft Salon featuring artists and writers involved in the project. I’ll read from “Warm Wind” and my artist partner, Sylvia Arthur, will discuss how she turned my story into a work of art.

For more details, visit the Loft 112 Facebook page.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2018.

My apologies, South America

After my long holiday to Ontario and South America this fall, it was hard to meet the deadline for my regular Books We Love Author Blog Post.

Will poses with stone bust of poet Pablo Neruda, Isla Negra, Chile

Girl from Ipanema Bar and Restaurant, Rio de Janeiro

Today I blog about my embarrassing knowledge of South American writers.


On today’s Books We Love Author Blog I discuss my process for naming story characters.

My Story With Illustrations

Today I guest post on the BWL Insider Blog about how my short story “When a Warm Wind Blows Over the Mountains” was turned into a book-as-art.  Here’s Sylvia’s description of how she decided to incorporate the words into her work:

  1. I contemplated for many hours on how to include the written words in my Print(ed) Word book. It wasn’t plausible to hand write the entire book, so I wrote only the lines that inspired the images. The words are written on delicate hand ripped Kinwashi rice paper. Although tricky to write on, I love the beautiful texture and how the words frame a ghost of the print that shows through from the next page.

Syvia's Work-in-Progress

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