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When Words Collide is Coming Up!

My author blog post on my publisher’s website today talks about my favourite readers and writers festival. Why is When Words Collide my favourite? Here are my top ten reasons. 1. WWC is local, here in Calgary. I don’t have to spend money on airfare, hotels and restaurant meals to attend, although I might grab [...]


Sue Grafton 1940-2017 Prime Minister Hugh Grant’s story-line ending This year I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve with Will, sipping almond Tequila, playing a few rounds of Phase 10 with our son before he left for his New Year’s Eve party (Will is winning so far), and watching the movie Love Actually for the [...]


King Edward School now cSpace Last month, Will and I attended the open house for cSpace, Calgary’s new hub for over 30 tenants involved in arts-related activities. cSpace is housed in the former King Edward School, a 113 year-old sandstone building in the neighbourhood of Marda Loop. Will and I went because one of my [...]

New Downtown Library

Last Sunday, Will and I took a tour of Calgary’s new downtown central library, which is on target to open Fall 2018.  Our guide told us that, rare in today’s world, the project is under budget. The building’s inside, still under construction, isn’t open to the public yet.  The young guide walked us around the [...]

Meet Michigan Author J. Q. Rose

Thank you, Susan, for swapping blogs this week. I hope your readers will hop on over to the J.Q. Rose blog to read your post about what inspired you to write your new novel, Ten Days in Summer, a sequel to your first murder mystery,  Deadly Fall.   A lucky commenter will win a copy of [...]

Half Way Through Scrivener Trial

During this Scrivener Trial period, every time I log into Scrivener the software program reminds me of how many non-consecutive days I have left in my 30 day free trial. Now it’s 15 days remaining. What do I have for my 15 days? 1. Not as many overlapping files as in this image, but a [...]

More Positives About Hoarding

Nowadays, it seems to be a given that de-cluttering is good and its opposite–hoarding or excessive collecting–is all bad. Last week I wrote about a positive I gained from my mother’s hoard of newspapers. Today I’ll talk about a couple more. The first comes from a book about hoarding I read as research for my novel, Ten [...]

A Benefit of Hoarding

On my publisher’s website today, you can read my blog post about how hoarding inspired my mystery novel. As research for Ten Days in Summer, I watched a couple of episodes of the TV show Hoarders.  It baffles me that people can enjoy such programs. Perhaps, for me, the show is too close to home. My mother was far from [...]

Trying Scrivener

For years, I’ve listened to fellow writers rave about Scrivener, a word-processing program designed for book-length manuscripts and screenplays. Scrivener, it’s said, helps writers organize notes, concepts, research and documents for easy access and reference. One friend claimed he couldn’t write his novels without it. Since Scrivener is most useful for first drafts, I told myself I’d consider [...]

Remembering Vimy

From April 9-12, 1917 the WWI Battle of Vimy Ridge took place. A largely Canadian army captured the German-held escarpment in rural France, today a 2 hour drive north of Paris, and forced a German retreat. This week’s newspaper accounts of the 100 year anniversary of that decisive battle have reminded me of my trip there with my [...]

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