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Should you set your novel in Canada?

For those who missed my Oct 12 post on the BWL website, here it is: Setting a novel in Canada – or not? Does setting a novel in Canada limit your readership to Canadians? Over the years, I’ve heard this question at Canadian writing conferences and gatherings of aspiring writers I’ve attended. Invariably, someone comments [...]

What is Near History?

In my BWL author blog this month, I asked What is Near History? When my son was at university, he took a course in Canadian History. His final essay explored the 1968 federal election, which catapulted Pierre Trudeau to prime minister. I thought, this is history? It’s my life. I was a teenager at the [...]

How to Get Rich From Writing

Here’s my blog post from earlier this month, published this month on the BWL website. How to Get Rich from Writing 1. Write a book series in a popular genre, with appealing characters and plot. 2. Set the books in a place people love to visit. 3. Sell the series to a TV producer with [...]

Reading enhanced my holiday in Malta

For my July post on the BWL website, I wrote about a book I read during my spring holiday in Malta. Holiday Reading When I travel, I like to read books set in the place I’m visiting. Before my trip to Malta this April, I took out an e-book from my local library. The Information [...]

Using Your Hobbies and Interests in Stories

Summer is officially here. For my June commitment on the BWL Author Insider Blog I wrote about one of my favourite activities, hiking, and how I made use of it my three novels. * Ten years ago, when my husband Will retired, we joined a hiking club. In a recent radio interview, I talked about [...]

A Tale of Two Writing Conferences

Here’s the post I wrote for my May blog on my publisher BWL’s website. * Every August I attend When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers here in my home city of Calgary. I don’t need to travel far. The weekend festival takes place at a hotel a fifteen walk from my home. In February, [...]

Launching a Novel

In case you missed it, here is my April 12th blog, which was posted on my publisher BWL’s website. * On March 26th I hosted a book launch for my new novel, To Catch a Fox. For the venue, I chose Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary because I’d held launches there for my two previous [...]

Never Say Never

For those who missed my monthly author blog post on the BWL website, here it is: Twenty-five years ago, I finished my first novel manuscript. While I often have trouble coming up with titles, this title, To Catch a Fox, appeared on the first page. It came from a mystery novel, The ABC Murders by [...]

My Top Five Reasons to Host a Book Launch

For those who missed my regular post on my publisher’s website last month, here it is: Last fall a writer friend asked me, “Is it worthwhile having a book launch?” I immediately answered, “Yes.” I’d hosted launches for my first two novels and planned to have one for my third release, To Catch a Fox. [...]

February is Psychology Month Leaves us With Questions

I wrap up February Psychology Month with a look at evolution and Anxiety/Depression: two sides of the same coin? In the 1950s and 60s, anxiety was the most commonly diagnosed mood disorder in North America. People talked of the Age of Anxiety; The Rolling Stones sang about Mother’s Little Helper, a reference to a tranquilizer [...]

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