When Do You Share?

“Since Writing in the Works is all about sharing works in progress, at which point do you share or discuss your project with someone?” Elaine Morin, the emcee, asked the five readers that night – Rob Bose, Joan Crate, Sarah Johnson, Taylor Lambert and me.

Elaine, me & Joan

“Around the second draft,” I said. “I believe the first draft is for you, to explore. By the second draft, you’re starting to work on getting your story and characters across to others.”

Sarah Johnson said, ” I don’t discuss my story until I’ve written a draft. I find if I do that I’ve talked it enough that don’t feel like writing it anymore.”

“I discuss it,” said Rob Bose. “If people are interested, I figure the story is worth writing.”

“Well,” Joan Crate said. “I gave you my first draft in my reading tonight.”

Every writer has a different process. While it’s interesting to hear how others handle this job, in the end, it’s about what works for you.

We're all different - in our writing process, style and height.