“Pandemic,” my short story

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) got me thinking about my short story, “Pandemic.” I wrote the 12,000 word story 10 years ago, but it was never published.  COVID-19 has inspired me to revise “Pandemic.” I find the process helps me put our current crisis into perspective. I write about this in today’s BWL author blog.

Swine flu (H1N1/09) laboratory confirmed cases and deathsVenice, a setting in my short story "Pandemic"


Beavertails mascot at dragon boat races

Today I write about my visit to Ottawa’s Winterlude this year on the BWL Author BlogSpot.

Dragon boat race on Dow's LakeBeavertails mascot at dragon boat races

Winterlude Ice Carving Competition

Dow's Lake ice ready for skating in Ottawa

Print(ed) Word Documentary

On Friday, the Calgary central library launched the Print(ed) Word documentary to a celebratory audience. In the film, the twelve artist/writer partners talked about their experiences with this collaborative project. I’m proud to be part of it. My partner, Sylvia Arthur, did a great job of turning my short story, When a Warm Wind Blows Off the Mountains, into an art book. All twelve books are on permanent display in the central library, housed in an alcove off the 4th floor Great Reading Room. For a taste of the works, have a look at the documentary movie trailer.

Library alcove display

Thumbnail video image from the movie trailer

My End of Decade List

The publication of (A) Deadly Fall started and ended the past decade of my writing career

For January on the BWL Author Blog. I talk about five changes in my writing life during the past decade, from January 2010 to January 2020.

Happy New Year

New year’s is a time of wrap-ups for the year we’re leaving. It’s also the season for the best-of-the-year  competitions. My publisher suggested we enter our 2019 novels in the 22nd Annual Critters’ Readers Poll. As winners of the People’s Choice TV awards always say, it means the most to be chosen by the people rather than the critics or those with a vested interest in who wins.

People's Choice Awards 2019

I entered To Catch a Fox in the Critters’ Novels (All other genres) published in 2019 category. Voting is easy. Click the circle for your favourite book, then fill in the next few boxes and submit. I’d love it you want to help my book find new readers.

My very best to you for a happy and healthy 2020, sprinkled with new adventures.

A Jane Austen Christmas

I don’t always write a Christmas-theme post for my December 12th blog on the BWL website, but here it is today.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

The Christmas tree came to Britain with the Hanover kings and their connection to Germany

Can novels set in Canada find readers?

My post today on the BWL Author BlogSpot was inspired by my recent presentation for Alberta Culture Days at the Pincher Creek library, where I spoke about my experiences of setting novels in Alberta – and elsewhere.

Beautiful southern Alberta

Pincher Creek Presentation

I made the Regina Leader-Post newspaper with this story about my Alberta Culture Days presentation at the Pincher Creek Library.

My research for Ten Days in Summer

Alberta Culture Days

I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Pincher Creek Library on Friday, Sept 27, to celebrate Alberta Culture Days. My power point presentation topic will be Setting a Novel in Alberta – or not.

Aug 2019, Driving from Pincher Creek to Calgary

My Life is History

On Today’s BWL Author Blog I explore writing historical fiction about times within living memory.

Trudeaumania, 1968

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