Four Days

Musical Instruments Museum, Phoenix, AZ: The 4 Beatles

1-2-3-4 days to Owl’s Nest Bookstore. This weekend, the clocks spring forward, which means there will be light in the sky when the launch starts.   

The box of books arrives, packed so tightly it's hard to pry them out.

Five Days

Five days to go: Owl’s Nest Bookstore.

5 instruments (1 bagpipe, 3 guitars + 1 flute) common to European folk cultures. The Musical Instruments Museum, Phoenix, AZ - I find this bagpipe a bit creepy

Six Days

Six Westwinds Hiking Club members in Arizona - Fat Man's Pass hike

Six days until Owl’s Nest Bookstore. The long-term weather forecast says this spell of cold and snow should end in time for the book launch day. Hey Calgary weather, it’s March. The days are getting longer already.

Seven Days

March 7th and there’s 7  days to go: Owl’s Nest Bookstore. Double sevens for good luck? Let’s hope.

Tombstone Courthouse Museum drawing - 7 of the men involved in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. A character in Ten Days in Summer refers to this infamous event

Eight Days Until Launch

Eight Days until the launch for Ten Days in Summer at Owl’s Nest Bookstore. My recent hiking holiday in Arizona took my mind off things. Now I’m getting nervous.

On a hike with 8 friends last fall - that's me standing in the back wearing a Tilly hat and purple sweater

Hiking in Arizona, with saguaro cacti unique to Sonoran deserts in Arizona and Mexico.

Nine Days to Go

cSpace under renovation - former King Edward School

AWCS classrooms retain the school's chalkboards.

Yesterday, I attended the Alexandra Writers Centre Society’s Alberta Skies Art and Book Exhibit. The event took place at the new AWCS premises in cSpace, Calgary’s new home for artists of all kinds. It drew a crowd that packed our three rooms, warming them up so much that the building custodian opened the top three windows for the first time.

A classroom with a view (9 panes per window + 3 panes along the top that open for fresh air)

cSpace is still under renovation, but the AWCS’ classrooms are already a go. Somehow, we scored the penthouse–those are our windows on the top floor (left hand side).  Each classroom gets tons of light and has a view of the Rocky Mountains. What a change from our former basement location, although the setting in a sandstone school nicely continues the AWCS heritage.

Nine days to go until the launch for Ten Days in Summer at Owl’s Nest Bookstore.

10 Days to Lift-off

I doubt I’ll publish another book with 10 in the title, so this is my chance for a 10-day countdown to my book launch. Here it begins.

Today, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m, I’ll be at the Alberta Skies Art Exhibit
cSpace King Edward, 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary
Featuring Alberta Skies course participants at the Alexandra Writers Centre Society
Art Exhibition, Book Sales, Readings, & Music by the Authors/Artists, Refreshments served

Come and check out cSpace, Calgary’s new arts incubator and new location for the Alexandra Writers Centre Society.  The AWCS windows are on the top floor, left hand side of this picture looking up from the dumpster — building renovations are still in progress.

I count 10 birds on this rock at Mismaloya Cove, Mexico - although it's hard to tell with the guano

Ten days to the launch of Ten Days in Summer – March 14, 7:00 p.m. at Owl’s Nest Bookstore.

Blog Spot

My publisher gave me a regular spot on their website’s author insider blog. I’ll be there the 12th of every month. Check out my first offering about the one blog post I wrote that made a difference.

Opal Article

Check out this month’s Opal Magazine for my article Writing on the Beach.

10 Days now in Canada

Ten Days in Summer is now available in Canada in paperback and ebook form. You can also order the book through
Amazon and your favourite independent book store.

One of my favourites, Owl’s Nest Bookstore, will be hosting the Ten Days in Summer Book Launch on Tuesday, March 14, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Britannia Shopping Plaza on Elbow Drive at 49th Avenue. 815A 49th Avenue SW, Calgary

I’m busy sending out invitations to the launch and arranging book signings at other Calgary stores. So far, I’ve lined up:

Chapters Shawnessy, 16061 Macleod Trail SE, Saturday, March 25, 2017, 11:00 am – 5 pm

Chapters Chinook, Chinook Mall, 6455 Macleod Trail, Suite L1, Friday, March 31, 2017 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Chapters Macleod Trail, 9631 Macleod Trail SW, and Indigo Shepard Regional Centre, #170 – 4916 – 130th Ave, SE, Calgary will set dates when they receive their book orders.

Crime Writers of Canada asked me to write a teaser and 50-60 word blurb for their next issue of Cool Canadian Crime. Here’s what I came up with:

Teaser:  While Calgary, Alberta, celebrates its ten-day Stampede festival, insurance adjuster Paula Savard investigates a suspicious building fire that caused the death of a hoarder.

The blurb continues with: The case turns personal when Paula’s daughter becomes involved with a suspect. To ensure her daughter’s safety, Paula must dig through the hoarder’s messy life. She unearths betrayal, family secrets and murder.

Ten Days is on its way!

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