The Fox is Launched

View from the back

Filled rows at “The Nest”

I talk about my research holiday to Southern California.

Judith, the Owl’s Nest Bookstore manager, does the introductions.

Many thanks to the 75-80 family, friends and visitors, who came out to my book launch last night. I really appreciated seeing your faces in the audience.

Three Days to Book Launch

Santa Monica, CA: At my book launch on Tuesday March 26, I'll be talking about my research holiday to California

Many thanks to journalist Eric Volmers for this feature on To Catch a Fox in today’s Calgary Herald newspaper.

One Week to Launch Day

One week from today, Tuesday, March 26h, I’ll be launching To Catch a Fox at  Owl’s Nest Bookstore. My presentation will feature slides from my two holidays in Southern California to research settings for the novel. Everyone welcome!

Santa Monica beach

Two Weeks to Launch Day

Celebrate the launch of To Catch a Fox on March 26th, at Owl's Nest Bookstore, Calgary.

Today, on the BWL website, I blog about why my novel, To Catch a Fox, took 25 years to get published.

In Conversation with Randy Luckie

Stephen King's house, Bangor, Maine

In my interview with Randy Luckie, we talk about a wide range of writing subjects including my new novel, my mystery series, short stories, getting published, Stephen King, and murder by bee sting.

As an aside to the interview, I have stalked Stephen King’s home in Bangor, Maine, a couple of times. I grew up in Montreal and every summer my family drove through Maine to my grandparents’ home in New Brunswick, Canada. Our route went through Bangor, where we sometimes spent the night. When I was older, I continued to make the trek with my husband every couple of years.

When we learned that Stephen King lived in Bangor, on one of those drives we stopped at a local bookstore to ask where the author lived. The store owner didn’t hesitate to give us directions to the house. I believe the owner talked about seeing King often at his sons’ baseball games.

During subsequent trips through Maine to New Brunswick, we made at least one more detour to King’s house. I found it suitably ominous-looking for the master of horror.

I was also impressed that one of North America’s most successful authors made his home in down-home Bangor.

One month to lift off!

Radda, Italy - At the launch, I'll talk about Tuscany inspired the novel setting.

One month to go until my book launch for To Catch a Fox.

Four weeks exactly until the date — March 26th.

It’s starting to feel real.

Hope to see you there!

Journey to Imagination

Bird of Paradise bushes in California remind me of creatures on the alert for predators.

My retreat characters dress in constumes

Birds of Paradise grow wild in California.

California oranges are delightful!

Author Helen Henderson features To Catch a Fox on her blog titled Journey to the Stars and Worlds of Imagination. While my novel isn’t as fantastical as Helen’s writing, my primary setting for To Catch a Fox is a locale I imagined somewhere in southern California. I had a lot of fun creating my cult-like retreat.

Thanks Janet

Fellow BWL author Janet Lane Walters continues her profile of my writing and books.

Do I prefer to write heroes or villains?

Today, author Janet Lane Walters interviews me on her blog Eclectic Writer. She asked me some intriguing questions, such as which do I enjoy writing more: heroes, heroines or villains?

Why Host a Book Launch?

Celebrating with family and friends is one reason

Today I blog on my publisher’s website about  Why Host a Book Launch?

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