Going Global

It shows how global our marketplace has become when the first person to buy the print version of my new novel, Ten Days in Summer, lives overseas in Great Britain. Two summers ago, Barb visited us with my sister-in-law. They toured the Rockies and fulfilled Barb’s long-time wish of attending the Calgary Stampede. When they left, I gave Barb a copy of my first novel, Deadly Fall. Since she enjoyed it, my sister-in-law bought Barb a copy of the sequel as soon as it was available on Amazon UK. 

The print version still isn’t released in Canada, although the order is in to the Canadian printer and distributor. My publisher has a deal with Amazon to print the copies sold in other countries.  I assume Amazon does this with print-on-demand, since they got the paperback up on their website the same time as the Kindle version and delivered the print book to Barb within days.

The Ten Days paperback is available in other countries served by Amazon. Here it is on Amazon Japan. I have no clue if the price listed there is reasonable or not.

Postscript: Chapters/Indigo now has the Ten Days in Summer paperback on its website, with 3-5 weeks delivery. You can also order it from their stores as well as independent book stores. You can get the book in two days on Amazon, but the retail price is higher.