I’m on Chapters and Amazon

My sister discovered my novel Deadly Fall listed on Amazon.ca. I hadn’t thought to check since the book won’t be released until March. I looked at Chapters/Indigo.ca and also found it there. It’s also on Amazon.com for US readers. 

In our enthusiasm, my husband Will and I instantly fired off a batch of e-mails to tell family and friends the news.  A couple of them told us they pre-ordered the book. The next day, while poking around the Amazon site I found that Deadly Fall was # 95  on the Amazon bestseller list for Mysteries with Women Sleuths and # 20, 234 for overall books. Many thanks to the book’s first purchasers. 

A day later Deadly Fall was off the Women Sleuths list and something like #40,000 overall. What a difference a day makes. It was fun while it lasted and is still fun to see my novel posted on the sites.  Here are the links:




Amazon.com – for USA: