Seven Random Facts about Susan Calder

Many thanks to author Mahrie G. Reid, who tagged me with a Very Inspiring Blog Award. I discovered this tag three weeks after the fact when I was checking out Mahrie’s website in connection with a guest blog post she has asked me to write for our baby boomer panel at Calgary’s When Words Collide writing conference this August. I look forward to getting to know Mahrie on this panel as we discuss Baby Boomer Lit – An Overlooked Market – Romance, Mystery and more.

By accepting this prestigious blog award, I am required to:

Link back to the person who nominated me for the award

Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Reveal 7 things about myself

Nominate others to receive the award and continue the fun!

Here goes:

Seven Random Facts about Me

1. My fondest, childhood memories were summer holidays spent in the fishing village where my father grew up, on Deer Island, New Brunswick.

2. As a child, I took ballet and piano lessons and I still enjoy singing and Zumba.

3. I was in three high school musicals, with a solo part in Oliver!

4. During my foolish youth, I hitchiked through all ten Canadian provinces.

5. My food weaknesses are fudge and barbecue chips.

6. My ten years working as an insurance claims examiner inspired my mystery novel protagonist, insurance adjuster Paula Savard.

7. Paula’s name came from my first best friend, Paula Keyfitz, who moved away to Pittsburg after grade one. Where are you now, Paula? To confirm that I had spelled spelled her surname right, I Googled Paula K. and might have found her!

Lastly, I nominate the following writers to join in the fun:

Shaun Hunter , essay and memoir writer; expert Tweeter.

Pamela McDowell, prolific author of Ospreys in Danger and numerous non-fiction children’s books

Lori Hahnel , author of three fiction books including the upcoming After You’ve Gone, musician and Facebook maven

Rona Altrows , author, editor and Star Trek fan.

Kevin Glew, writer, blogger and Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame guide.

I hope you choose to participate. What do we not know about you?