My first interview

Yesterday, I taped the first interview promoting my novel Deadly Fall. Susan Toy, of Alberta Books Canada, arranged the interview with Brenda Finley of CKUA radio.  

I was pretty nervous, especially since I didn’t know the questions in advance. Brenda drove through winter rush hour traffic from SAIT to my home in southeast Calgary.  With little preamble, she did a voice check and began the interview. Despite my nerves, I enjoyed answering her questions. Mainly, she asked about my individual story characters. What made this really good, is that she had read the book completely from an advance copy. She taped 12 1/2 minutes and plans to edit them down to 10 for the show. 

One thing Brenda does with editing – I found this interesting – is, where she can, delete her question and string the interviewees responses together. I had noticed, from listening to previous shows, that there wasn’t a lot of Brenda in her interviews and the writers often talked at length.

I think it was during the taping – not just in our post talk chat – that Brenda referred to the sex scene in my novel. I joked that she should make sure to leave that comment in. It might sell a few books.  

CKUA plans to air the interview on Sunday, March 6th at 12:30 PM. Right after the program, they archive it on the  website so you can listen to it there. I hope I come across okay. I think I said some interesting things. It won’t be boring. 

Thanks, Susan, for arranging this and Brenda, for reading my book and appreciating my work.