When Words Collide Online Festival

When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers is going online this year, from Aug 14-16. It’s free and open to everyone. The organizers are planning five choices of panels, presentations and more every hour from Friday afternoon to Sunday. Most will take place on the Zoom platform.

I’m scheduled for two panels:

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known

The ladies in red partying at a previous year's WWC festival. This year there will be a virtual pool party.

When you started writing, what assumptions blocked your progress, lead you down dead ends, or limited your opportunities and experiences? Panelists share their initial faulty thoughts that slowed their journey into the writing world. Host: James Kademan Friday, 3 pm

Access Denied: A panel for writers on how to handle rejections and critiques, and communicate with editors/agents/publishers. Sat, 1:00 pm.

No registration or payment required. You can check out what’s happening on  WWC website.