New Central Library

My short story "When a Warm Wind Blows Off the Mountain" fills the cabinet in the left rear.

The Great Reading Room, Calgary Central Library

I look forward to visiting Calgary’s new Central Library tomorrow. A host of events will take place during the day, with free public transit to downtown from 7:00 am to 7 p.m.  I’ll be sure to check out my story in art form featured with 12 other artist books on the 4th floor in the NW Vestibule entrance to the Great Reading Room.

To support this exhibition, there will be a year’s worth of programming the second Tuesday of every month in the BMO Room from 7-8pm beginning January 15, 2019 with Kate Baillies and Weyman Chan. My artist Sylvia Arthur and I will be there on August 13th to talk about our collaborative project.