WGA Conference Weekend

Two days back from a month long trip, I attended the Writers Guild of Alberta annual conference last weekend. Aside from feeling a tad jet-lagged, I had a great time.

Calgary’s weather couldn’t have been better. At the Friday pub night, I enjoyed sitting outside on the patio drinking the free beer, eating good food, catching up with old friends and getting acquainted with new ones.

Then, the organizers called us inside to participate in a literary trivia contest that turned out to be more fun than I had expected. Our four-woman team called ourselves the jet-set – jet-lagged didn’t sound so positive. The challenging and intriguing questions ranged from pop culture to Nobel prize winning literature. Our team got half the answers right, coming in fourth. When the conference administrators’s team withdrew from claiming third prize, we grabbed their goodie bag and divided the books and wine between us.

Saturday featured breakfast, two keynote speeches, the AGM, two coffee breaks (at least) and breakout sessions related to various genres. Many stayed on for the gala awards night. Tired, I returned home to rest.

Many thanks to the organizers — the WGA administrators and board members — for their hard work of hosting this successful event. I hope to make it there again next year.