My Writing Journey

When I finished my novel-in-progress at the end of August, I found myself on memory lane, taking stock of my writing journey-to-date.  The result is a series of 12 blog posts, which will appear each Tuesday until Nov 17th. Today is installment # 3, Exodus – Part Two.  Here’s the full schedule.

Sept 1       Genesis

Sept 8       Exodus – Part One

Sept 15     Exodus – Part Two

Sept 22     A Stab at Murder

Sept 29     A Book!

Oct 6         Moving On

Oct 13       Critique

Oct 20      My Short Story Binge

Oct 27      A Second Stab at Murder

Nov 3       Mystery, Suspense & Surprise

Nov 10     Raising the Stakes

Nov 17      How to Write a Novel in Your Spare Time